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Brooke and Lauren

Brooke Rewa has always been interested in health and wellness and became much more involved after coming down with a mysterious illness shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2009.   After doctors were unable to find a cause or treatment Brooke decided to take matters into her own hands and heal with food.  Seeing major improvements, mainly from juicing, Brooke decided she needed to help spread the word about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. This lead to the launch of Renew Juicery and a standard of only providing products that are the best possible quality and meet the highest standards. Renew Wellness Center, features the first ever Juicery and Cryosauna in the United States.

"There are many journeys in life that we find ourselves a part of. I am so happy you've found yourself on this path of wellbeing."

Lauren Dodge has been working with and studying plants and herbs for almost a decade. What was once a pure hobby of helping others and aiding in overall wellbeing and beauty, became an opportunity for growth and nourishment when she opened Fruits to the Roots a Botanical Beauty and Wellbeing company in Los Angeles. Her healing practices, energetic/intuitive and plant use, cross paths with many wisdom traditions from around the world including an ancient Hermetic tradition of Alchemy called Spagyrics, the use of Native and South American plants, along with some cross over herbs from Ayuervedic and Chinese traditional healing. Her attention, as a healer, is dedicated to continued spiritual growth, guided intuition, continuous learning and encouraging a choice to live with intention, shine with brilliant wisdom, be well in all things, and be honestly you…