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We are honored to be featured by such a great lifestyle blog and were over the moon to do this interview!

Feeling a little like a couple of healthy rock stars~ incredibly grateful for the chance to speak our truths!

We would love for you to read the full interview HERE


Brooke, looking gorgeous!


Excerpt below

A Moment With Pure Potions


May 12, 2016 by Live The Process

Brooke Rewa and Lauren Dodge were meant to find each other.

Both women discovered their passion for wellness early on: Dodge—an herbalist and Auyervedic expert—spent her childhood surrounded and infatuated by plants and nature. That, combined with her inherent compassion, fueled her to launch botanical wellness line, Fruits To The Roots.

Rewa—a superfood expert—discovered juicing and holistic nutrition after struggling with her own digestive issues. Ultimately, she launched Renew Juicery, an organic, cold-pressed, glass bottled juice company known for its functional offerings and delicious flavor profiles. Soon after, she launched almond milk brand, Mylk, and LA herbal healing and cryotherapy destination, Renew Juicery Wellness Center.

When the two women met by chance at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market, it was a wellness match made in heaven. In a “great minds” instance, they realized they were both toying with the same concept: a collection of herbal and superfood elixirs. Ultimately, together they launched Pure Potions, satisfying that desire....

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